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Farley 1 (copy)

1. oddychać
to breathe, a playmate, an X-ray, a climber
2. wspinacz
a climber, nerve-wracking, a playmate, a guy
3. brudny
dirty, a zookeeper, to tube feed, a guy
4. lalka
a doll, a climber, a guy, temperature
5. badać
to explore, nerve-wracking, an X-ray, temperature
6. facet
a guy, to breathe, an injection, sick
7. szpital
a hospital, to explore, a bond, an X-ray
8. dynamic quiz zastrzyk
an injection, a hospital, nerve-wracking, sick
9. short answer questions lekarstwo
medicine, to explore, nutrition, a hospital
10. wykańczający nerwowo
nerve-wracking, dirty, sick, an X-ray
11. żłobek
a nursery, an X-ray, a bond, to tube feed
12. odżywianie
nutrition, a playmate, a guy, a zookeeper
13. towarzysz zabaw
a playmate, an X-ray teacher , an injection, to explore
14. chory
sick, nutrition, a climber, an injection
15. gorączka
temperature, to explore, dirty, to tube feed
16. karmić przez rurkę
to tube feed, a bond class page , an injection, a doll
17. zdjęcie rentgenowskie
an X-ray, a bond, medicine, to breathe
18. dozorca w zoo
a zookeeper, an injection, a bond, to tube feed