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Past Tenses (copy)

1. online education I found the way to her house quite easily because Kate ... it to me very well.
had been describing create online quizzes , had described, was describing, described
2. crossword maker While I ... a burglar climed into the room through the window.
had been sleeping, slept, was sleeping, had slept
3. mix questions She was not interested in the book because she ... it.
hadn%27t understood, wasn%27t understanding, didn%27t understand, hadn%27t been understanding
4. invite students Rescue workers ... a man, a woman and two children from cold rushing water.
had pulled, were pulling, pulled, had been pulling
5. class page Margaret didn%27t wear her shoes; she was barefoot. She ... on a piece of broken glass and cut her foot.
stepped, was stepping, had stepped, had been stepping
6. It wasn%27t raining when I left my office in the evening, but the ground was wet. It ... all day.
rained, was raining english , had been raining, had rained
7. invite students I had a cup of tea for breakfast because I ... of coffee.
had run out, was running out, ran out, had been running out
8. While I ... the dishes last night, I dropped a cup and broke it.
was washing, had been washing, had washed, washed
9. web 2.0 While the kids ... in the garden, their mother was hurriedly cooking dinner.
had played, were playing, had been playing, played
10. Before I went to bed I decided to check the front door. I was sure my sister ... it. And I was right.
locked, had locked, didn%27t lock, hadn%27t locked
11. Before Adam got married, he ... hiking to the mountains every summer. Now he goes to the seaside with his wife.
was going, had gone, would go, had been going
12. I got lost in the forest because I took the road I ... before.
never took, had never taken tool for teachers , didn%27t take, didn%27t never taken
13. Dinosaurs were the largest animals ever to live on earth, and they ... the Earth for a very long period of time.
ruled, had ruled, were ruling, had been ruling
14. I handed Betsy today%27s newspaper but she didn%27t want it. She ... it during her lunch.
read, had read, had been reading, was reading
15. results Who ... in this house before they pulled it down?
was living, had been living, had lived, lived
16. A strong wind ... and I decided to put on a warm coat.
blew, had blown, was blowing, had been blowing
17. We ... TV for ten minutes when the elecricity went off.
watched, had watched, were watching, had been watching
18. He was taken to the police station because he ... into a car.
had crashed interactive , didn%27t crash, crashed , wasn%27t crashing
19. When Ann was small, she ... of darkness and always slept with the light on .
was afraid, had been afraid, used to be afraid, wasn%27t afraid
20. school I saw John at the railway station. He ... for his brother%27s train to arrive from Paris.
had been waiting, waited, was waiting, had waited
21. He didn%27t see me as he ... when I came in.
read, had read, was reading, had been reading
22. She didn%27t see me as she was reading when I ... into the room.
had come, was coming, had been coming, came
23. Scarcely ... out of the window when I saw a flash of light.
was I looking, I was looking, had I been looking, had I looked
24. Hardly ... the place of our destination when it became quiet dark.
had we reached, we were reaching, we reached, we had been reaching
25. When Mary came back, she looked very red from the sun. She ... in the sun for too long.
lay, had been lying, lain, was lying
26. Mrs.Brown was busy last weekend because her grandchilren ... with her.
had been staying, stayed, were staying, had stayed
27. Her face was stained with tears and her eyes were red. She ... .
had been crying, cried , was crying , had cried
28. I didn%27t see Linda last month because she ... around Europe at that time.
had been travelling, had travelled, was travelling, travelled
29. active teaching Alan ... out almost every day last year, but now he can%27t afford it.
ate, had eaten, was eating, used to eat