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The UK

1. How many parts does the UK consist of?
5, 4, 3, 2
2. Who is the head of the country?
President, Prime Minister, King, Queen
3. The highest point in the UK is....
Snowdon, Wales, Kinder Scout, England, Ben Nevis, Scotland, Helvellyn, England
4. What is the capital of Scotland?
Aberdeen , Edinburgh, Glasgow , Inverness
5. Which of these countries is not the part of the United Kingdom ?
Scotland quiz generator , Wales , The Republic of Ireland , England
6. Which of the following is the emblem of Scotland ?
the daffodil , the shamrock , the rose , the thistle
7. What is the name of the flag of the United Kingdom ?
the United Flag , the Union John, The Stars and Stripes, the Union Jack
8. Which river runs through London ?
The River Thames, The River Avon, The River Cam , The River Severn
9. What is the Queen%27s name?
Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Margaret IV, Queen Ela I
10. Where is Belfast?
In Northern Ireland, In Wales, In Scotland, In England
11. What is the full official name of the United Kingdom?
The United Kingdom of England and Scotland, The United Kingdom of England and Wales, The United Kingdom of Great Britian and the Republic of Ireland, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
12. Who is the patron saint of England?
St. Mark, St. Andrew, St. George, St. Patrick
13. educational activities What is The UK separated by from the continent?
The English Channel , The Irish Sea, The Atlantic Ocean, Gulf Stream
14. Which city is not in England?
Leeds, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester
15. crossword maker The red dragon is on the flag of ...
Nothern Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales