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Choose the correct answers.

1. One of the most well-known ghosts of the Tower is that of Anne Boleyn, one of the wives of King Henry VII. She (8) _____________ killed in 1536 and people have reported seeing her ghost many times since then, sometimes carrying her own head.
could, would, should, had,
2. One of the creepiest (9) ___________ concerns the death of the Countess of Salisbury.
clues, theories, illusions, reports,
3. and there have been many (3) _______ of these headless ghosts in and around the Tower.
was sitting , sat build your own quiz , sits, sitting,
4. he said he could (6) ______________ out a shapeless white figure on the top of the tower.
While, When, During, Because,
5. THE TOWER OF LONDON The Tower of london is one of the most haunted places in the world because of the many people who (1) __________ to be killed there by order of the king or queen.
find, let, make, look,
6. One story says that one winter day in 1957, at three o%27clock in the morning, a guard (4) ___________ in his guardhouse when he was disturbed by a strange sound.
realise, was realising distant learning , realised, realises,
7. It was then that he (7) _________ that on that very same date., February 12, in 1554, Lady Jane Grey%27s head had been cut off.
were, had, did, was,
8. Many of the Tower prisioners (2) ______________ have their heads cut off,
occurences , witnesses, conclusions, explanations,
9. (5) ____________ he stepped outside to investigate,
was managing, manage, managed computer assisted language learning , manages,