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Datatypes (copy)

Crossword hints:
Used by all ABCD 10bytes. Very important, Represents whole number 4 Bytes in size, real number that includes decimals. E.g. %2b1234.56 -0.465 rights activist, Stores any kind of binary data min size 1 byte, 7 bytes. Example: DD/MM/YYYY , true and false (0 or 1). , used for smaller numbers. The size is 4 bytes., Long numbers, decimal the size is 8 bytes, Used for a number has fixed number of digits, London, Tokyo , Nairobi , Wellington , Muscat, Ottawa , Beijing ,

Crossword words:
String , Date, China , Byte, New Zealand , Double , Fixed Point , Integer, England, Kenya , Oman , Japan , Boolean , Floating point, Canada , ,