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Spanish 1 - unit 1 lesson 2

un poco, alto (a), artístico (a), organizado (a), la mujer, bueno (a), pequeño (a), atlético (a), simpático (a), serio (a) multiple choice questions , el (la) estudiante, la chica, guapo (a), el chico, el hombre, el (la) amigo (a), perezoso (a) matching excercise , tiene, grande, estudioso (a), todos (as), ?Cómo eres?, pelo rubio, inteligente, viejo (a) e-learning , tengo, pelirrojo (a), muy , la persona, desorganizado (a), joven, bajo (a), pelo castaño, porque, cómico (a), bonito (a), tienes class page , malo (a), trabajador (a),

nice, good, man, serious, person, I have, artistic, because, you have, woman, all, very online quizzes , brown hair class website , student, bad, short, a little, red-haired, funny, studious, boy matching excercise , tall, What are you like? quiz builder , disorganized create online tests , pretty, athletic, big, large, blond hair, intelligent help students assimilate material , lazy english , handsome, good looking, old, hard-working, organized, friend, young, small, he/she has, girl,