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The Play

Read the story, then answer the questions...

1. The Play Sarah was hoping to get the lead role in the upcoming school play. Last year she played the role of Darma in the school%27s production of My Favorite Day. The audience loved her performance. She received a huge round of applause at the end of every performance. This year the school will be putting on a production called My Crazy Week. Sarah began to practice her lines three times a day for four weeks before auditions. The week before the audition, she began to practice with two friends. Sarah practiced the part of Jane. Mike practiced the part of James, and Amanda practiced the part of Teresa. When the auditions started, Sarah did an excellent job! Her outstanding performance won her the role of Jane. As soon as she learned that she won the part, she ran home to practice for opening night.
My Favorite Day, My Crazy Summer, My Worst Day, My Crazy Week,
2. What part in the upcoming play did Amanda practice for?
James, Mike, Teresa, Jane,
3. What part in the upcoming play did Mike practice for?
one week, three weeks, four weeks, five weeks,
4. In what play did Sarah play the role of Darma?
James, Mike, Teresa, Jane,
5. What is the lead role in the upcoming play?
Sarah, Amanda, Teresa, Jane,