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Chapter 2 HTML Tag Game

Absolute Path Hyperlink, Default Hotspot, Image Map, Email Hyperlink, Border Width Attribute, Relative Path Hyperlink, Circle Hotspot, Image Map Attribute (added to image), Base Change, Hyperlink to ID, Rectangle Hotspot, Tool Tip, Polygonal Hotspot, New Target Attribute, ID Attribute print quizzes , Hyperlink to ID on a Different Page,

style=“border-width: 0”, %3ca href=“glossary. html#A”%3eA%3c/a%3e, %3ca href=“url” title=“text”%3e context%3c/a%3e ESL , %3ch2 id=“A”%3eDestination%3c/h2%3e, %3ca href=“tips1.html”%3eWeb Site Title%3c/a%3e, %3cbase href=“glossary” /%3e, map id=“id” name= “name”%3eHotspots %3c/map%3e, %3carea shape= “poly” coords= “30, 142, 76, 80, 110, 142. ../%3e, %3carea shape=“default” coords = “0, 0, 778, 164” .../%3e, %3ca href=“#A”%3eClickable Link%3c/a%3e, %3ca href=%22http:// Tips%3c/a%3e, usemap=“#map”, %3carea shape= %22rect%22 coords= %22168, 110, 225, 145“ .../%3e, %3ca href=“url” target=“new”%3e Link%3c/a%3e, %3ca href=””%3eEmail Me%3c/a%3e, %3carea shape=“circle” coords= “82, 78, 80” ... /%3e,