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Choose the correct answer

1. adhesive tape, tweezers and # scissors
A little, A few, Much educational activities , Many,
2. some aspirins and other # to deal with pain and fever,
temperature, temper, condition, heat,
3. #to cover wounds and keep them clean,
slice, box, bar, piece,
4. It%27s also a good idea to keep another kit in your car, particularly if you%27re going on holiday and more so if you%27re going camping. There%27s nothing worse than being in the countryside or on an isolated beach, # miles from the nearest town when an accidents happens.
injected, infected, injection, infection,
5. Just # preparation can save you a lot of trouble.
medicine, remedy , prescrition , tablet,
6. Make sure your kit contains a thermometer to check body # , plastic gloves
crutches, herbs, bandages, plaster,
7. a # of soap, an antiseptic cream to prevent scratches
pair , a pair , a , a pair of ,
8. and cuts from becoming #,
a little, many, lots, much,
9. # essential items are all you need.
a few, lots of class website , a little, many,