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Spanish 2 - ch 1 (quiz 2)

tener dolor, médico/a, recetar, sacar(se) un diente, romper, caerse, doler (o:ue) create online activities , toser, tomar la temperatura, poner una inyección, embarazada, prohibir, estornudar, enfermarse, lastimarse, sufrir una enfermedad, torcerse o:ue, dañar, darse con educational activities , saludable, estar enfermo, tener fiebre, olvidar, grave, romperse, congestionado/a, ser alérgico/a (a) teacher , mareado/a,

to be sick, healthy, grave, serious, to have a pain, to prohibit, congested, stuffed up, to damage, break down ESL , pregnant distance learning , to give an injection, to injure teaching , to break, to hurt educational activities , to sneeze, to fall down, to have a fever, to bump into, dizzy, nauseated, medical, to take someone%27s temperature, to have a tooth removed, to sprain a body part, to forget, to get sick, to prescribe, to break a body part, to suffer an illness, to be allergic (to), to cough,