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Infant Growth and Development Terms

Terms from Chapter 7 on Infant Growth and Development

weaning e-learning , depth perception, reflex, breast milk, antibody, malnutrition, cradle cap elearning , self-feeding, gross motor skill, formula online quizzes , fine motor skill, stimulating environment, developmental milestone, shaken baby syndrome, hand-eye coordination, diaper rash,

involves the large muscles of the body such as the legs, a substance produced by the body to fight off germs. , milk produced in the mother%27s body - has antibodies, the ability to perceive objects that are 3 dimensional, a condition that occurs when someone severely shakes a baby, when a child starts to feel themselves, inadequate nutrition - not enough nutrients or amount of food, patches of rough, red, irritated skin in the diaper area, a key skill used to check a child%27s progress, skill that involves the smaller muscles of the body such as fingers, an instinctive, automatic response, such as grasping, environment in which one has a wide variety of things to sense. invite students , changing from drinking from a bottle to a cup, the ability to move the hands and fingers in relation to what is seen., yellow crusty patches on the baby%27s scalp, milk that is specially made for babies in the first year of life,