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The Facebook Phenomenon PREPOSITIONS

Complete the text with these words. Some of them can be used more than once. PREPOSITIONS TO BE USED: AS-AT- FROM-IN-OF-ON-TO

1. So, if you dream ______ being rich and famous, one thing you can learn ______ Mark Zuckerberg and his creation, Facebook, is that you%27re never too young to start.
at/of, at/in, in/ in, in/at,
2. With close to 5000 million users, the site started while studying ______ Harvard University has made him the 35th richest man _______ the world today.
as/in, from/to, as/to improve results , as/from,
3. Six months after starting Facebook, Zuckerberg and his friends left univeristy and moved to California as they were determined to make a success ______ the site. Their idea became more and more popular until it became the huge phenomenon we know today.
in, from, on, at,
4. The idea of Facebook was quite simple. Many colleges and schools in the USA traditionally publish a book every year which includes pictures of students, teachers and other staff. This book is known ______ the %27Facebook%27. Zuckerberg and his class classmates computerised this and the system eventually spread _________ other universities and schools.
to/from, as/to quiz , as/from, of/from,