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It%27s raining cats and dogs! WORD FORMATION

Complete the text with the correct form of the words in CAPITAL LETTERS

1. # USUAL rain is a very bizarre phenomenon, but it%27s been reported from all corners of the globe.
Usually, language , ,
2. Scientists have come up with some interesting #EXPLAIN for the strange rain, but they haven%27t been able to prove any of them so far. Let%27s have a look at a few of the strangest occurences.
explanations , , ,
3. Reports of strange rain don%27t always involve animals though. In 1857, in Lake County, California, the # RESIDE had a sweeat treat!
remarkable, , ,
4. Scientist quickly came to the #CONCLUDE that it had been raining fish eggs or jellyfish!
discovery, , ,
5. There was another strange #DISCOVER that added to the mystery.
similarly, , ,
6. In 1981, the citizens of Nafplio in Greece woke up to # REMARK sights. Hundred of small greeb frogs failing from the sky!
sticky, , ,
7. When it is pouring with rain, we often say, %27it%27s raining cats and dogs%27 which sounds totally # RIDICULE, but sometimes it%27s not too far from the truth!
conclusion, , online activities ,
8. For two nights in a row, it rained sugar crystals! The locals made the best of the # SITUATE by making syrup from the sugar!
residence, , ,
9. The frogs were not ones usually found in Greece. They were native to North Africa! #SIMILAR, a town in southern Tasmania experienced something rather strange one night in 1996.
situation, , ,