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Parenting and Teen Parenthood

Match the terms with the defintions. Use Chapter 2 to help.

STI, fidelity, marriage, values, hormone, Intimacy, mature, responsibility, open adoption, sexuality, consequence, parenting, abstinence, paternity create online tests , pregnant, adoption,

when parents of a child being adopted know the adoptive parents, when a parent gives up a child to another parent, a result of an action, chemical in the body that helps teens mature sexually, caring for kids and helping them grow and learn, union of a man and a woman educational games , what someone considers important in life, sexually transmitted infection, decision to avoid high risk behaviors, faithfulness to an obligation, duty, or trust. , being responsible, beliefs and values about sexual behavior, closeness between two people online activities , when a woman is going to have a baby , legal term for fatherhood, being in charge of something or someone,