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Unit 4, Assignment 1

Please check your spelling. Incorrectly spelled words may cause a question to be counted as incorrect.

1. If a pressurized cylinder is designed to have a protective cap, the cylinder should not be moved without the cap in place.
2. One danger associated with allowing liquid refrigerant to contact your skin is the fact that a refrigerant such as R-22 boils at # degrees Fahrenheit when released to the atmosphere.
3. A GFCI will:
4. Oxygen is a convenient and safe way to pressurize a refrigeration system.
5. A metal framed portable power tool can be safely used with a three to two prong adapter plugged into an ungrounded wall box.
6. A large cylinder of R-22 refrigerant warmed by the sun to 110 degrees F will have a pressure of 226 psi which equals 169.5 tons of pressure pressing outward on its surface area.
7. Jewelry (rings and watches) should not be worn while working on live electrical circuits.
8. Refrigerant cylinders should be stored and transported in the horizontal position.
9. Oil in oxygen lines and regulator connections is:
10. Electric shock occurs when you become part of the # .
11. Two items of personal protective equipment that should be worn when handling refrigerants are:
TRUE, FALSE create online tests , ,
12. Nitrogen and oxygen cylinders are shipped with pressures of:
13. An acetylene cylinder:
14. Stored fuel gas cylinders must be separated by at least a 20 ft wall or 5 ft in distance from any flammable material.
gray bodies and tops, gray tops and yellow bodies, gray bodies and yellow tops, yellow tops and bodies,
15. To prevent electrical shock:
the refrigerant will escape, the cylinder can become a projectile, the air can be displaced and cause death,
16. Pressurized cylinders that are too large to be carried should be moved while chained to a cart.
steel toed shoes, steel toed shoes school , gloves, side-shield goggles,
17. If a pressurized cylinder designed to have a protective cap is moved without the cap in place and falls off its cart or is dropped and the valve at the top of the cylinder is broken:
required for proper operation, may cause an explosion, absolutely unsafe activity , can prevent fires,
18. The pressures of nitrogen, oxygen and acetylene must be # before they can be used.
is under the same pressure as nitrogen and oxygen cylinders, contains a highly explosive gas, must be chained to an approved cart while in use, must have its protective cap in place when moved,
19. An acetylene torch can be used to warm a refrigerant cylinder if only the lower part of the cylinder is heated.
remain on, be shut off, be locked out , be tagged ,
20. Portable electric power tools with a metal frame have a grounding wire in the power cord.
wear heavy shoes with an insulating sole and heel, do not stand in a wet or damp area, use only proper test equipment, your hands should touch only the meter probes while making tests,
21. If you become a part of an electrical circuit and 0.015 amps flows through your body, this could be fatal.
do not become a conductor between a live wire and ground, do not let your body be the path, do not become a conductor between two live wires, always know the power supply that you are working with,
22. A double insulated portable power tool is considered safe.
detect very small electrical leaks, protect an operator from shock assess performance , be recommended for use with electrical tools online quizzes , indicate a low voltage condition,
23. Portable power tools or the extension cord supplying power to them should be plugged into a # receptacle.
fusible plug, , ,
24. Department of Transportation (DOT) approved recovery cylinders have the following colors:
-41, , ,
25. A large refrigerant cylinder has a # which will blow out if the cylinder gets too hot.
regulated, , web 2.0 ,
26. If you are working on electrical equipment and have locked out and tagged a circuit, you should give a duplicate key to another person in case of an emergency.
400 psig, 2500 psig, 750 psig, 50 psig,
27. The pressure relief valve at the top of a large pressurized refrigerant cylinder is a safety valve typically set to relieve pressure when it goes above 1000 psi
circuit, , ,
28. When working with live electrical circuits:
GFCI,gfci,Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter,ground fault circuit interrupter, , ,