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Unit 1, Assignment 1

Please use correct spelling in answers. A misspelled word can cause an answer to be counted as wrong.

1. If you allow your copper tubing to reach 1,984 degrees Fahrenheit while brazing, it will melt. This temperature converted to Celsius would be #
2. The temperature or point on the Fahrenheit scale at which all molecular motion stops is # degrees Fahrenheit.
3. The type of heat transfer that is used to move heat from one place to another by means of currents set up in a fluid medium is #
4. Use the chart on page 1584 to convert 20 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius.
5. Brazing rods with 15 per cent silver content melt at about 1190 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature converted to Celsius degrees would be #
F = (C - 32) x 1.8, F = (1.8 x C) %2b 32, F = (C %2b 32) x 1.8, none of the above,
6. The formula for converting Fahrenheit to Celsius is #
C = (F x 1.8) - 32, C = (F %2b32) x 1.8, C = (F - 32) / 1.8, none of the above,
7. Use the chart on page 1584 to convert 10 degree Celsius to Fahrenheit
10,742.4, 10,857.6, none of the above,
8. The dark side of the moon can have temperatures dropping to -153 degrees Celsius. This temperature converted to Fahrenheit degrees would be #
-333, -217.8, -243.4, none of the above,
9. The type of heat transfer that can be explained as the energy actually traveling from one molecule to another is #
2,110, 2,199.6, 643.33, none of the above,
10. Absolute zero on the Rankine scale is equal to #
1,084.44, 3,628.8, 3,539.2, none of the above,
11. Temperature can be thought of as a description of the # of heat.
-273 degrees Celsius, -460 degrees Fahrenheit, 0 degrees Celsius distant learning , none of the above,
12. Since “cold” is a relative term and has no numerical value, it is sometimes referred to as a “level of heat # ”.
-273 degrees Celsius, 32 degrees Fahrenheit, 0 degrees Fahrenheit, none of the above,
13. The type of heat transfer which travels through space without heating the space and is absorbed by the first solid object that it encounters is #
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Boyle’s Law, Newton’s Law, First Law of Thermodynamics,
14. If you know the temperature is 95 degrees Fahrenheit, what is the equivalent Celsius temperature. Use the chart on page 1584.
coefficient of performance, relative humidity, none of the above,
15. “SI” refers to the International System of Units or metric system.
one joule, one pascal, one bar, one BTU,
16. The point on the Fahrenheit or Ceslius scale where no heat is present is called # zero.
radiation, conduction, convection, none of the above,
17. Objects that are good conductors of electricity are usually poor conductors of heat.
conduction, radiation, convection, none of the above,
18. The formula for converting Celsius to Fahrenheit is #
radiation, conduction, convection, none of the above,
19. The temperature of the sun is approximately 6000 degrees Celsius at its surface. This temperature converted to Fahrenheit degrees would be #
one half of the original, one fourth of the original, one third of the original, none of the above,
20. The temperature difference between two substances has no effect on the speed at which heat is transferred from one to another.
level,intensity, , mix questions ,
21. Absolute zero on the Kelvin scale is equal to #
-460, , stimulate your students ,
22. What type of convection is found when heated air rises naturally?
, ,
23. The term for the amount of heat that is required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit is #
Rankine,rankine,rankin,Rankin, , ,
24. What is the only type of heat transfer that can travel through a vacuum?
, ,
25. The Celsius absolute scale is called the # scale.
35,35 degrees,35 degrees Celsius, , teaching ,
26. If you hold your hand one foot away from a light bulb and you feel the heat from the bulb, then move your hand two feet away from the bulb, the heat intensity two feet away will be #
-6.7,-6.7 degrees,-6.7 degrees Celsius, , ,
27. The Fahrenheit absolute scale is called the # scale.
50,50 degrees,50 degrees Fahrenheit, , ,
28. Heat transferred by radiation diminishes in a linear fashion as the distance increases.
absence, , ,
29. A gas fired furnace with a blower is a good example of what type of convection?
, ,
30. The Celsius temperature scale is used by the United States and the Fahrenheit scale is used in the International System of Units.
natural,natural convection, , ,
31. Temperature describes the level of heat in a substance. The term used to describe the quantity or heat content of a substance is #
radiation, , ,