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%27CALL%27 Phrasal Verbs

Read the sentences and choose the correct phrasal verb.

1. It%27s too late to __________ the meeting now.
call in, call out, call off, call for
2. When Sarah broke her leg, we had to _______ a doctor.
call back, call out, call round, call in
3. The teacher ________ Peter but there was no answer.
called out, called in, called for, called off
4. Being a teacher ___________ patience, creativity and love teaching.
calls in, calls back, calls for, calls out
5. Why don%27t you _________ a friend and see if they want to go shopping with us this afternoon.
call back, call in, call up , call out
6. You better _________ Gina. She%27s called twice already.
call out school , call up, call off, call back
7. We can%27t _________ a technician every time the fridge breaks down.
call for, call out, call in, call back