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Welcome Week Test

1. online Where can you play flash games?
Desktop and internet browsers but not in smart phones, Browsers and smart phones not desktops test , Desktop computers, Smart Phones but not browsers
2. Can you build anroid or iphone apps with flash?
Yes for both, Only for Iphone, Only for android, For Neither
3. What does xml stand for?
Extensible Markup Language, Experience Marking Language, Extensible Marking Language, Export Markup Language
4. Wii U is created by which company?
Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft, Sony
5. Which software do you need to create flash applications?
Adobe Flash Professional, Flash Builder 4.2, Flex 4.3, Photoshop
6. Who is the founder of Microsoft?
Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Alec Boldwin, Henry Ford
7. Microsoft has a game console, what is it called?
Xbox, Playstation, Ouya, Wii
8. Which programming language is used by Apples Iphone?
Java, Objective C, C%2b%2b, C#
9. Which programming language is used by Android?
Java matching excercise , C%2b%2b, Objective C, C#
10. Which programming language is used to create websites?
HTML, CSS, HTML and CSS, Python
11. Why is it important to test a game?
To ensure all functions are working correctly , To ensure its existence to the user, To get a feel for the application, To create a valid restore point on the application
12. What does the GUI stand for?
Graphical User Interface, Geolocation User Interface, Graphical user interaction, Graphics user interface
13. What does CLI stand for?
Command Line Interface, Commodor Lined interaction, Command Look interaction, Computer language interaction
14. Why does a computer need a processor?
To calculate input and output, to manage time, to manage the hard drive, to input the system interface
15. Why does a computer need RAM memory?
To handle the hard drive, to manage multiple applications running at once, to show better graphics, to ensure the computer is running accordingly
16. Who Created the Iphone?
Steve Jobs grading , Bill Gates, Sony, Steve Wozniac