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Y5: GK: Etgar 99 Challenge 1 (Jewish Calendar)

(Incomplete, but feel free to play!) This is a reproduction of The Etgar 99 Challenge you were given for homework. There are 99 potential questions, although each time you play you will only be asked maximum 25. Different questions will be generated every time you play. All questions will be taken from The Etgar 99 Challenge, which itself is taken from your Etgar book.

1. How long does it take for the moon to go around the Earth?
7 days, 365 days, 29 1/2 days, 49 days
2. How many days does a Jewish month last?
29 or 30 days, 30 or 31 days, 28 or 29 days, Anywhere from 28 days to 31 days
3. How many days shorter is a “lunar year” (12 lunar months) than a solar year?
11 days, 10 days, 7 days, 9 days
4. invite students On which date is Shavuos?
6th Sivan, 14 Adar, 28 Iyyar, 15 Nissan
5. On which date is Yom Yerushalayim?
5 Iyyar, 28 Iyyar, 6 Sivan, 18 Iyar
6. What are the three “Sholosh regolim”?
Pesach, Shavuos, Sukkos, Rosh Hashonoh, Yom Kippur, Sukkos, Asara B%27Teves, Shiv%27a Osor B%27tammuz, Tish%27a B%27av, Pesach, Rosh Hashonoh, Sukkos
7. Which produce was harvested on Shavuos?
Wheat, Barley, Fruit %26 vegetable, Honey
8. On which date is Tzom Gedalia?
3 Tishrei, 10 Tishrei, 10 Teves, 13 Adar
9. On which date is Taanis Esther?
13 Adar, 15 Adar, 13 Nissan, 14 Nissan
10. Which of these is NOT another name for “Rosh Hashonoh”?
Yom Hadin, Yom Hazikoron, Yom Teruah, Zman Cheiruseinu
11. Why do we “dip the apple in the honey”?
As a sign we hope for a %22sweet new year%22, As a sign of we want to return to Gan Eden teacher , To make extra brochos, Because we are about to fast
12. Which 3 T’s will “remove the bad decree” before the Judgement?
Teshuva, Tefillah, Tzedaka, Teshuva, Tashlich, Tefillah, Teshuva, Tefillin, Tzedaka, Teshuva, Tefillah, Tashlich
13. When do we read Yonah?
Mincha of Yom Kippur, Mincha of Rosh Hashonoh, Shacharis of Yom Kippur, Shacharis of Sukkos
14. What is Ne’ilah?
5th tefillah of Yom Kippur, 3rd tefillah of Yom Kippur, 3rd tefillah of Hoshanah Rabboh, Final tefillah of Shmini Atzeres
15. Spot the FALSE halocho of sukkos
Schach may not absord heavy rain, Schach must be under a ceiling, Schach must have more light than shade, Shach may not be made with plants
16. How many Ushpizin are there?
5, 7, 9, 13
17. In how many directions are the arbah minim waved?
4 online activities , 6, 7, 2
18. How many hakofos are made on Hoshanah Rabboh?
4, 7, 8, 13
19. On which date is Shmini Atzeres?
22nd Tishrei, 15th Tishrei web tool , 19th Tishrei, 29 Tishrei
20. On which Yom Tov is a prayer for rain said?
Shmini Atzeres, Sukkos, Pesach, Tu Bishvat
21. Which army was fought, and miraculously defeated, on Chanuka?
Amolek, Greeks, Romans, Egypt
22. How many branches did the Menorah in the Beis Hamikdosh have?
7, 8, 9, 6
23. How many “mem” mitzvos are there on Purim?
4, 5, 6, 7
24. When do we burn the chometz?
Morning, before Seder (14 Nissan), Night, just before Seder (15 Nissan), Late afternoon, before Seder (15 Nissan), The night before Seder (14 Nissan)
25. In which part of the Seder do we eat “Hillel’s sandwich”?
Karpas, Shulchan Orech, Matzah, Korech
26. quiz generator On the Seder plate, what reminds us of the Korbon Pesach?
Zeroah (bone), Charoses (mixture), Morror (bitter herb), Beitzah (egg)
27. Name the 8th plague in Egypt
Arbeh (locusts), Shechin (boils), Borod (hailstone), Choshech (darkness)
28. assess performance Which of these are we ALLOWED to do in the Omer?
Cut hair, Listen to music, Have weddings, Swimming/dangerous things
29. How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust?
6 million (6, 000, 000), 6 thousand (6, 000), 6 hundred thousand (600, 000), 10 thousand (10, 000)
30. What was the name of the Israeli war in 1967?
Six Day War, Yom Kippur, Lebanon War, War of Independence
31. In what year was Israel’s “War of Independence”?
1948, 1967, 1982, 1973
32. Who read out Israel’s Declaration of Independence in 1948?
David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, R%27 Avraham Kook, Binyamin Netanyahu
33. How many gates are there around Yerushalayim?
6, 8, 13, 20
34. Name the minhag to learn through the night of Shavuos?
Tikun Lel Shavuos, Limmud Shavuos, Toras Layloh, Tikun shel Shavuos
35. test When did the Romans break through Yerushalayim’s walls?
17 Tammuz, 9 Av, 10 Teves, 3 Tishrei