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Chapters 17 %26 18

1. Every Baptized person has a vocation to
teach the Gospel, serve God and other people, become a religious nun or priest, work with the poor
2. We are anointed to be like Jesus as priest, prophet and
savior, king, disciple, saint
3. When we pray for people or do kind acts for them we are fulfilling our role as
prophet, priest, king, teacher
4. When we share God%27s message of love to others we are acting as
prophet, king activity , priest, disciple
5. Leading others with justice and mercy we take on the role
king, prophet, priest, disciple
6. educational activities Priests and nuns fulfill Christ%27s mission as members of a religious
vocation, devotion, group, community
7. All people living and dead who believe in Jesus Christ make up the
Community of Saints distance learning , Communion of Saints , Communion of Believers, Apostles and Disciples
8. When Jesus said we were to be the Light of World He compared his followers to
stars in the sky, the sun in the sky, candle flames, a city on a mountain
9. We are anointed like Jesus to be priest, prophet and king through the sacrament of
Holy Orders, Baptism, Reconciliation, Martrimony
10. Louis IX was a just and merciful
prophet, ruler, priest, disciple
11. Bishops, priests and decons are ordained in the sacrament of
Holy Orders, Baptism, Eucharist, Reconciliation
12. The center of our lives as Catholics is the
Bible, Lord%27s prayer , Rosary, Eucharist
13. The priest reads the gospel at Mass and then explains its meaning to us in
a speech, a homily, a lesson, a psalm
14. At the Last Supper Jesus gave us
the Eucharist, Reconciliation, the Bible, Lord%27s Prayer
15. In the Bible, we learn about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ from the
Old Testament, Gospels, the Psalms, book of Genesis
16. At Mass we honor Mary, the apostles, and
the priests, all the Saints, Moses, the angels
17. The priest%27s most important job is to lead us in
prayer, the liturgy online learning games , song, Reconciliation
18. learning Passover is a feast on which the Jewish people thank God for
the ten commandments, freeing their people from slavery in Egypt, Moses, King David
19. Sharing the Eucharist helps us grow stronger in our faith and also
makes us members of the Church, saves us from sin, reconciles us with God and others, makes us wiser