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Y5 Gemoro: Chazoro 2: Orientation

In our Gemoro lessons, we have learned how to %22orientate%22 ourselves in a Gemoro. This means knowing how to find various pieces of information from the Daf in front of us. We have also learned about the background to the Gemoro. This quiz will test your understanding of some of what we have learned so far. It is Level 2, so it incorporates some new learning that is not in the Level 1 test.

1. Shas, Seder, Mesechta
True, False, ,
2. Rashi is always found on the right of the Daf
תָּנָאִים , אֲמוֹרָאִים, ,
3. Look carefully at the picture of the Gemoro above. Then answer these questions:
תָּנָאִים, אֲמוֹרָאִים, ,
4. What is the name of the Mesechta where this Daf is taken from?
Always, Sometimes distant learning , Never,
5. The Gemoro does not have any vowels
Daf - coloured Taanis 2a.jpg, , ,
6. Think carefully about what these six words mean. Then arrange them in order of their size, biggest on the left and smallest on the right.
, ,
7. If I just give Moshe a photocopy of Daf Gemoro without telling him anything, what will Moshe be able to tell me about that sugya?
Green, Yellow, Blue, Red,
8. Where is Tosfos?
Green, Yellow, Blue, Red,
9. Where is the Mishnah?
Green, Yellow create online activities , Blue, Red,
10. Where is the Gemoro?
Green, Yellow, Blue, Red,
11. Perek, Daf, Omud
מאימתי, תענית, פרק ראשון, פרק ב,
12. Where is Rashi?
1st Perek, 2nd Perek, 3rd Perek build your own quiz , 4th Perek,
13. The מִשְנָה is made up the discussions of the _______?
מאימתי, תענית, פרק ראשון, פרק ב,
14. Which of the following statements are correct? Tick the correct one
דף א, דף ב, דף מ, It is impossible to tell just from this image,
15. Which Daf of the Mesechta is this?
, ,
16. What is the name of the Perek where this Daf is taken from?
undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined,
undefined, undefined active teaching , undefined, undefined,
18. The Gemoro is made up the discussions of the ________?
Every דַף (Daf) contains two עָמוּדִים (Omuds), Every עָמוּד (Omud) contains to דַפִים (Dafs), ,