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BOOK 3 Lesson 2

What are the children doing?, What is Dad doing?, What is she eating?, Why are you smiling?, Are you watching television?, Why is she sleeping? save time , What are you doing?, What is Jessica doing? quiz generator , Is Mum cooking?, Is Dad washing the car?, Are your cousins coming to the concert? prepare quiz , Where is she sleeping?, Where are you going?, Where is she eating?, Are the boys playing football? active teaching , Who is singing?,

No, she isn%27t., They are washing the dog!, Because I%27m happy! short answer questions , I%27m doing my homework., He is working on his computer., Vegetables., No, they%27re not., Jane., In the kitchen., In her bedroom., Because she%27s tired!, Yes, I am., No, he isn%27t., No, they can%27t., She%27s sleeping., We%27re going to the zoo.,