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OxWord B/15/A/1 (Romantic relationships)

Wybierz właściwe tłumaczenie.

1. dobry związek
a good relationship, to have a baby, to get married, a partner
2. chodzić z kimś
to go out with sb, advice, to see each other, a married couple
3. były chłopak
an ex-boyfriend, a closest (best) friend, to get to know sb, a married couple
4. class page poznać kogoś
to get to know sb, a good relationship, to see each other, an ex-wife
5. online quizzes pobrać się
to get married, advice, a closest (best) friend, to become flatmates
6. mieć dziecko
to have a baby, an ex-wife online learning games , to split up, to become flatmates
7. para małżeńska
a married couple, divorced, a closest (best) friend, advice
8. rozejść się
to split up, to go out with sb, an ex-boyfriend, to get to know sb
9. rozwiedziony
divorced, to become flatmates, a closest (best) friend, to have a baby
10. być z kimś w dobrych stosunkach
to get on well with sb results , advice, a closest (best) friend, divorced
11. zamieszkać w jednym mieszkaniu
to become flatmates, a married couple, to get married, to have a baby
12. rada
advice, to become flatmates, an ex-boyfriend, to get married
13. teaching spotykać się
to see each other, to go out with sb, to get to know sb, a partner
14. najbliższy przyjaciel
a closest (best) friend, to become flatmates, an ex-wife, a married couple
15. była żona
an ex-wife, to have a baby, a married couple, to get married