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Tense Revision

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense,

1. Rain #(give) water to life.
sleeps, , ,
2. Look! A man #(take) Mrs. Brown%27s bag.
is getting , , ,
3. Mrs. Roberts%27 memory #(get) worse and worse. She can%27t even remember her relatives%27 names.
have been working, , ,
4. I haven%27t eaten my lunch yet. I # (work) on a Science project since 10 a.m.
cries, , ,
5. Today, we#(prepare)for a family gathering.
are flying, , ,
6. Laura is upstairs. She#(feed) the baby at the moment.
Have you ever worked, invite students , ,
7. My youngest brother is a chef. At the moment he%27s exhausted because he#(prepare) a meal for hours.
are preparing, , ,
8. We # (fly) to London next Tuesday morning.
gives, online education , ,
9. #(you/ever/work) for an international company?
is taking, , ,
10. My sister# (not/study) Medicine. She%27s doing a course on business administration.
lives, , create online tests ,
11. %27What does Gina do whenever she is in an elevator?%27 %27 Oh, she has a phobia, so she # (cry)
doesn%27t study, school , ,
12. #(Sophie/already/go) to school?
is feeding, , ,
13. A cat #(sleep) 70 percent of its days.
Has Sophie already gone , , ,
14. Sam #(live) in NY. She has lived there since 2007.
has been preparing, , ,