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OxWord B/34/2 (I can talk about my country)

Wybierz właściwe tłumaczenie.

1. wybrzeże
the coast, in the north, one of the major cities, in the south
2. długi na 1000 km
1,000 kilometres long, a capital, a high mountain, in the west
3. na północy
in the north, enormous, in the east, a high mountain
4. na południu
in the south, a capital, one of the major cities, in the west
5. na zachodzie
in the west, in the north, the highest mountain, one of the major cities
6. create online activities na wschodzie
in the east, enormous, the coast, about 3,000 metres high
7. granica
a border online activities , popular with tourists, great beaches, the coast
8. interactive learning najdłuższa rzeka
the longest river, the highest mountain, in the east, a capital
9. wysoka na około 3000 metrów
about 3,000 metres high, the coast, inland, in the west
10. najwyższa góra
the highest mountain, in the west, in the south, about 3,000 metres high
11. stolica
a capital, great beaches, in the south, the most famous
12. śródlądowy
inland online , the coast, the longest river, in the west
13. jedno z głównych miast
one of the major cities, the most famous create online tests , about 3,000 metres high, in the east
14. najsłynniejszy
the most famous, 1,000 kilometres long, enormous, in the east
15. popularny wśród turystów
popular with tourists, a high mountain matching excercise , great beaches, the longest river
16. wspaniałe plaże
great beaches, about 3,000 metres high, in the east, the most famous
17. wysoka góra
a high mountain, a capital, a border, great beaches