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1. which theory focuses on the following point %27women take fewer risks in life compared to men%27 when looking into gender and crime
marxist, feminist, strain theory, label theory
2. According to Sociological research which type of crimes are typically NOT committed by women according to Feminists views
Stealing a car, drug offences, prostitutions, cyber crime
3. What percentage of the UK prison population is female,
8%25, 20%25, 25%25, 30%25
4. What controversial explanations have some Sociologists given for why women commit relatively fewer crimes according to official statistics.
they commit less detectable crimes, they are more deviant than criminal, they can disguise criminal activity better, their femininity helps them to talk their way out of minor offence
5. matching excercise What sentences best describes how Sociologists review Women and crime?
very detailed and forthcoming, most research work is small scale and cannot be generalized, women are included as an afterthought, all theorists have a detailed account
6. Which two ideas below are a part of the triple shift idea for why women do not commit as many crimes as men.
house work , emotional work, voluntary work, physically and mentally work.
7. quiz builder girls are said to be socialized differently to boys. Which features are considered to be exclusive for the nature of girls
competitive, passive, nurturing, tough