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hot spot

1. kosmita
tourist interactive , alien, stranger, valley
2. akordy
ladder, delicious, broom, chords
3. wieża
tower, cupboard, cottage, reuse
4. pralnia
fleece, vehicle, laundry, view
5. latarnia morska
survival, lighthouse, caravan, identity
6. pojazd
cycle lane, wind turbine, traffic, vehicle
7. matching excercise skrzyżowanie
traffic lights, crossroad, pavement, pedestrian crossing
8. chodnik
pavement, lane, cycle lane, street
9. strażnik
researcher, explorer, pedestrian, guard
10. bład
native, cave, mistake, licence
11. create online quizzes spokojny
puncture, peaceful, crawl, exciting
12. kaszel
cold, cough, sore throat, flu
13. educational games niegrzeczny
hiccup, sneeze, snore, rude
14. drabina
hammer, drill, ladder, toolbox
15. miotła
wallpaper, furniture, spill, broom
16. results polar
fleece, share multiple choice questions , top, view
17. płomienie
safe, flames, path, storm
18. głos
voice, climb, stare, puncture
19. chrapać
snore, stare, sneeze, strike