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Y6 Chumash activity games by AT, BK, SA %26 YR

1. How many months was Moshe hidden for? (AT)
3 months, 12 months, 7 months`, 2 months
2. Who was the person who %22stood from afar%22? (YR)
Basya, Yocheved, Miriam, The daughter of Paroah
3. Who put Moshe in the basket? (BK)
Avrohom, Yocheved, Basya, Par%27oh
4. What was the basket made out of? (SA)
Tar and thatch, Tar and cement, Ice, Straw
5. crossword maker Who was Moshe%27s mother? (AT)
Yocheved, Par%27oh, Miriam, Basya
6. mix questions Who nursed Moshe? (AT)
A Hebrew woman, Par%27oh online , Miriam, Yocheved
7. What feeling did the daughter of Paraoh have when she saw the boy?
Happy, Pity, Sad, Confused
8. What did the daughter of Paroah notice about the boy when she saw him?
That he was good, That he was brave, That he was wet, That he was from the Hebrews
9. english According to Possuk 10, when was the boy returned to the daughter of Paroah?
After 3 months interactive , After 10 years, When he had grown up, When his mother got fed up with him
10. Why was Moshe hidden when he was born? (YR)
Paroah made a decree that all boys will be thrown in the river, Paraoh didn%27t like Yocheved, Because he was born prematurely, Because he was born after 3 months