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World Religions (SOL Review)

religions that share the Old Testament (or Torah), Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Judaism, Shinto, Greek/Roman mythology, Taoism, Jerusalem, religions of the Roman Empire, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, animism, Zoroastrianism, religions that split into two parts, religions found in Africa,

polytheistic; gods explain natural phenomena, Siddhartha; 8-fold path; enlightenment, Abraham%27s covenant; Moses; Torah; Canaan, Muhammad; 5 Pillars; Mecca; Allah; Koran (Qu%27ran), mythology and Christianity, Judaism and Christianity, monotheistic; Jesus; Bible; Paul the Apostle, worship at natural shrines, monotheistic, holy city for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam dynamic quiz , Persia; good vs. evil, animism, Islam, Christianity, Christianity and Islam, Lao Tse; harmony with nature, Vedas and Upanishads; caste system; reincarnation, polytheistic; found in Africa and elsewhere,