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Call of The Wild FINAL test

REad each question carefully. Short answer questions need answers in complete sentences.

1. Explain how Buck saves John THornton%27s life twice.
e-learning , ,
2. What bet does Buck help John THronton win?
, ,
3. At the beginning of the novel, Buck lives in #
Perrault, , ,
4. What kind of animal does Buck hunt for four days and finally catch?
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5. Buck is kidnapped from his first master, #, by the gardner in order to settle # debts.
to be the leader, , ,
6. Bucks first official masters on the the trail are # and Francois.
inexperienced, , online learning games ,
7. Before Buck and Spitz can enter their first big fight, they are interrupted by a pack of #
insisting that she ride on it, , ,
8. Mercedes slows the sled by #
starvation, , ,
9. One word that best describes HAl, Charles, and Mercedes is #
John Thornton, , ,
10. # saves Buck from his inexperienced owners.
Buck protects John when he is threatened in a bar and he saves him from drowning, , online ,
11. After Buck kills # , he demands #
Buck pulls a sled that is loaded with 1000 pounds., , ,
12. How does Buck take revenge? Would the %22old%22 Buck react the same way if Judge Miller experienced the same fate? Explain your answer.
, interactive learning ,
13. While the dogs are in the care of Hal, Charles and Mercedes, the dogs begin to die of #
Thornton and his friends are killed by Yeehat Indians., , ,