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IBF: Lesson 8: Internet Communication

folksonomy, Web 2.0, Collective Intelligence, Text Messaging, Convergence, Trackback assess performance , SPAM, Instant Messaging (IM), Microformat, Blog, Unified Communications (UC), Spim, Ajax, Social Networking, Podcast, Wiki,

Users can tpe and view messages sent to others , Solving problems as a group, Blogger receives notificiation when other bloggers link to her blog, Categorizing on-line content through tags, Grouping of individuals with common interests, Using digital or audio media files distributed thro web feeds, Technologies allows voice to be changed to text %26 vice versa, Enables Web apps to interact with users, Concept referring to changing trends in use of WWW technolog, Collection of personal thoughts posted on public web sit, Integration of telephony and data technologies, Adds human-readable metadata to existing code, Users type short messages from mobile phones, Sending Particularly Annoying Messages print quizzes , Spam that is delivered through instant messaging, Web pages that can be viewed %26 modified by anybody,