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IBF: Lesson 8: Internet Communication

Collective Intelligence, Podcast, folksonomy, Microformat, Blog, Wiki, Ajax, Web 2.0, Spim crossword maker , Social Networking, SPAM, Text Messaging, Unified Communications (UC), Convergence mix questions , Instant Messaging (IM), Trackback,

Users type short messages from mobile phones, Using digital or audio media files distributed thro web feeds, Solving problems as a group results , Grouping of individuals with common interests, Enables Web apps to interact with users quiz builder , Collection of personal thoughts posted on public web sit web tool , Adds human-readable metadata to existing code educational activities , Integration of telephony and data technologies, Web pages that can be viewed %26 modified by anybody, Users can tpe and view messages sent to others , Concept referring to changing trends in use of WWW technolog online learning games , Technologies allows voice to be changed to text %26 vice versa help students assimilate material , Spam that is delivered through instant messaging, Categorizing on-line content through tags, Blogger receives notificiation when other bloggers link to her blog interactive learning , Sending Particularly Annoying Messages,