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IBF: Lesson 7: Internet Services %26 Tools

Waterfall Model, Extreme Programming (XP) interactive learning , Dual Licensing, Mozilla Public License (MPL) (Open source l), Proprietary Software, Software is free Access to code, Software as a Service (SaaS), Open Source, Open-source license, BSD (open source license), Rapid Application Development (RAD), Relies on willingness of developers to contribute code, End-user license agreement (EULA), Common Public Licence (CPL), Apache License (open source license), Patent,

Free softrware license published by IBM, Advantage of open source software, Allows use of source code for open source %26 proprietrary deve, Development phases flow from one to next sequentially, Exclusive rights granted to inventor for fixed period of time, Free software license for Mozilla software, Distributing software under two licensing agreements, %27Copyleft%27 license removes restrictions of licensed item, Disadvantages of open source software, Legal contract between author and end user, Makes application source code available to anyone, Permissive free software license, Uses prototypes to help define customer requirements, Hosted by service provider %26 licensed for use by end user, Designed to be responsive to customer%27s changing requirm, Software that is the legal property of an entity,