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IBF: Lesson 7: Internet Services %26 Tools

Newsgroups, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), P2P, Ping command, Secure Copy (SCP), Listserve Group, tracert command, SSH File Transfer Protocol (S/FTP), Virtual Network Computing (VNC), IP Config, Secure Shell (SSH), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) school , Telnet, Peer-to-Peer Network, List Server, Binary File,

Network in which each computer has server and client capabilities, Allows you to control a computer at a remote location online learning games , The Internet standard protocol for remote connection servi, Users who subscribe to an e-mailing list through listserve teaching , Collects %26 distributes info froms authorized group of people computer assisted language learning , Used to display your system%27s IP configuration , File containing data/instructions written in zeros and ones, Provides secure logon %26 authentication, Provides secure method of copying files between system, Allows a network entity to access directory service listing, Determines the path between a source and destination syste, Unofficial, informal, rapidly updated sources of information generate answer keys , Tests connectivity between source and destination assess performance , Allows transfer of files between 2 computers or server %26 computr crossword maker , Much like standard FTP, but is encrypted, Peer-to-peer network on the internet,