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NT: Lesson 5: Network Security %26 Personal Privacy Protection

Boot Sector (Virus Type), Dictionary school , File Infecting (Virus Type), Worm, Macro/Script (Virus Type), Man in the Middle create online quizzes , Polymorphic (Virus Type), Trojan, Spoofing, Stealth (Virus Type), Social Engineering, Denial of Service (DOS), Retro (Virus Type), Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS), Brute Force, Back Door,

Tricks people into revealing info so attacker can gain access to netwo, Code enables it to execute differently each time it%27s run., When infected file is opened, the macro is executed online learning games , Manipulates directory structure information, Contains a long list of words to repeatedly guess user names, Attacking or generating falsified network packets, Involves crashing a system completely test , Specifically attacks anti-virus software, Attacker places self physically in the middle of a connection, Malicious program can spread from system to syste quiz , Attaches itself to executable programs, Code inserted secretly %26 opens a network port allowing access, Replicates itself on other drives and may erase the disk, Code disguised to appear as legitimate application, Repeated guessing of passwords / encrypted data, Found on several network items to crash one or more systems ,