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NT: Lesson 5: Network Security %26 Personal Privacy Protection

Hacker, Account lockout class web page , Password Sniffing, Signature Database, Dictionary Program, Virus, Packet Sniffing, Non-repudiation, DIgital Signature, Password Generator, Network Address Translation (NAT), Digital Certificate, Proxy Server, Kerberos, Password Manager, Smart Card,

Software application to store %26 manage passwords, Credit card with embedded chip for storing or processing data, Used to authenticate a program quiz builder , Server that mediates traffic between network %26 Internt, Protocol analyzer software to obtain sensitive information, Malicious program that replicates itself on computer syst, Electronic stamp uniquely identifies its source %26 content, User is automatically disabled, Collection of viruses %26 worms that are listed as security threats class website , Providing proof that a transaction has occurred, Method of intercepting transmitted passwords , Unauthorized user who accesses host or network, Acts as trusted 3rd party that knows ID of those communica, Program written to break into a password protected system, Automatically generates a password, The practice of hiding internal IP addresses from external network,