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Spanish 1 - reflexive verbs

cepillarse, ponerse, dormirse (o:ue), preocuparse (por), probarse (o:ue) prepare quiz , la cara, acordarse, quitarse, secarse, levantarse, maquillarse, enojarse (con), peinarse, baƱarse, sentarse (e:ie), afeitarse, irse, despertarse (e:ie), los dientes, despedirse (e:i), lavarse, quedarse, acostarse (o:ue), ducharse, el pelo, sentirse (e:ie) e-learning , vestirse (e:i), llamarse, ponerse %2b adj,

to wash, to wake up, to fall asleep, to feel online quizzes , hair, to shower, to bathe, to become (adjective), to dry, to worry (about), to be called, named, to take off, to get dressed, to put on makeup, to sit, teeth results history , to remember, to say goodbye, to go to bed, to remain, stay, to comb one%27s hair, to shave, to put on, to get angry (with), to leave, go away, to try on, to get up, face, to brush,