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Roots and Prefixes

Race against the clock. Choose the meaning of each root or prefix.

1. Retro in retroactive means
on top, around, beside,
2. Ex in expel means
to see, to say, to believe,
3. Circum in circumference means
up, down, through save time ,
4. Bi in bilingual means
not, very, almost,
5. Quadr in quadrant means
wrongly, thoroughly, correctly,
6. Hemi in hemisphere means
round, ten, many,
7. Bene in beneficial means
not, back, forward online activities ,
8. Prim in primary means
air, cold, heat,
9. Poly in polygon means
two, ten, half,
10. Therm in thermostat means
two, ten, half,
11. Mis in misguided means
in, out, up,
12. Uni in unicorn means
two, one, half educational games ,
13. Cred in incredible means
easy, proper, first,
14. Dis in disrespectful means
five, four, three,