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NT: Lesson 5: Network Security %26 Personal Privacy Protection

Crossword hints:
A protocol that allows users and corporations to securely extend their networks over the Internet using remote access servers. Used to create VPNs., A power supply that uses a battery to maintain power during a power outage, The ability to control what information you reveal about yourself over the Internet, and to whom (or what) you reveal it., Fraud committed in your name by someone else who has illicitly gained access to your personal information, Wilful harm inflicted on others through the use of information and communication technologies, A network that connects enterprise intranets to the global internet. Designed to provide access to selected external users., Internet components and application features that make the user%27s internet activity untraceable., Scam or other deceptive practices committed via the Internet, usually for the purpose of monetary gain or identity theft., A client that has logged on in order to authenticate that client., To pursue stealthily, harass and/or prey upon another person using online venues such as chat rooms, e-mail, social networking sites, etc., An authentication and encryption standard that provides security over the Internet. It functions at Layer 3 of the OSI/RM and can secure all packets transmitted over the network.,

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