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NT: Lesson 5: Network Security %26 Personal Privacy Protection

Crossword hints:
A legitimate practice in which a user account is automatically disabled after a certain number of failed authentication attempts., A firewall component that inspects all packets addressed to a user-level application; uses proxies to control and filter traffic on a connection-by-connection basis. Also provides authentication, A program specifically written to break into a password-protected system. It has a relatively large list of common password names that it repeatedly uses to gain access., A password protected, encrypted data file containing message encryption, user identification and message text. Used to authenticate a program or sender%27s public key, or to inititate SSL sessions. Must, An electronic stamp added to a message that uniquely identifies its source and verifiesssw its contents at the time of the signature., An unauthorized user who penetrates a host or network to access and manipulatge data, A proprietary key managment scheme between unknown principals who want to communicate securely. Uses symmetric algorithms and acts as a trusted third party that knows the identities of the organizatio, The practice of hiding internal IP addresses from the external network., The security principle of providing proof that a transaction occurred between identified parties. , The use of protocol analyzer software to obtain sensitive information, such as user names and passwords, An algorithm that receives input from a random or pseudo-random number generator and automatically generates a password., A software application you can use to store and manage multiple passwords., A method of intercepting the transmission of a password during the authentication process. This program is ued to intercept passwords., A server that mediates traffic between a protected network and the Internet. Translates IP addresses and filters traffic, An attack in which packets are obtained from the network or network host, then reused., In an anti-virus program, a collection of viruses, worms and illicit applications that are listed as security threats., A credit card that replaces the magnetic strip with an embedded chip for storing or processing data., A malicious program that replicates itself on computer systems, usually through executable software, and causes irreparable system damage.,

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