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Nouns, Prepositions and Adjectives

Read each question carefully. Choose the correct answer. There may be more than one answer.

1. Our neighbor is strange and eats orange peels.
many, new, life, better,
2. An object iof a prepositionj is a noun and follows a preposition.
on, are, at, over,
3. What are the prepositions on this sentence? Over, at the Brick Cafe, snails and squid are on the menu.
award, Nelson County Middle School, team distant learning , year,
4. What are the nouns in this sentence? Nelson County Middle School had an award winning Destination Imagination team this year.
too, little, chemistry, has,
5. What are the adjectives in this sentence? Hal decided to purchase green shoes and two canvas backpacks today.
3, , ,
6. How many prepositional phrases are in this sentence? at dinner, Sam sat in a booth beside his sister.
canvas, today, green,
7. What are the adjectives in this sentence? Many immigrants moved to America, a new country, for a better life.
TRUE, FALSE web 2.0 , generate answer keys ,
8. What are the adjectives in this sentence? The chemistry laboratory has too little equipment.
recently, darling, had,
9. What are the adverbs i this sentence? Recently, Sarah%27s dog had darling puppies.
TRUE, FALSE, grading ,
10. An adjective describle a noun.