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Parts of Speech

Read each question carefully and choose the correct answers. There may be more than one choice. Good Luck!

1. Find adjectives. Ray found ten boxes of rusty nails.
found, rusty, boxes, ten
2. Find pronouns. Tom and his best friend flew to Paris on their birthdays.
flew, their, his, birthdays
3. Find verb, or verbs. The melon became very ripe.
very, ripe, became, melon
4. Find adverbs. Today, Tom played chess cautiously and thoughtfully.
Today, played, cautiously, thoughtfully
5. Find conjunction and preposition. Steel is made from iron, and other raw materials.
raw, and, from, other
6. Find interjection, conjunction and adverb. Yikes! I see the sirens and fire engines coming closer
coming, closer, Yikes!, and
7. stimulate your students Find preposition, adverb and verb. Jill took her car to the mechanic yesterday.
her, yesterday, to, took
8. Find pronouns. Lucy named her dog after herself.
herself, her english , named, after
9. Find common nouns. In New York, the noise in the subway was deafening.
noise, subway e-learning , deafening, New York
10. Find the prepositions and verb. Put sunscreen on the children before noon.
before, put, noon, on