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Hunter Safety Matching

Match the quwestions to the proper answer

Why is good marksmenship(accuracy%26consistency important?, What is the best way to pull the trigger for an accurate shot?, Where should you keep broad-heads arrows when walking?, Whay is hunter safety important? ESL , What the main difference between center %26 rim fire ammo, How are shootguns classified? elearning , What is the # one concern in preventing meat spoilage? quiz generator , How m,uch water do you need each day? quiz generator , What are the plastic vaes or feathers on an arrow called?, What part of the game animal is most effective place to shoot?, What part of a modern firearm is comparable to a muzzleloader loc, What is the number one reason of out doors fatalities, When do most tree stand falls occur?, What is a safety on a gun? , What is the best technique for control when carrying firearms, What should be worn when climbing or sitting in a tree stand, What is the international emergency sign for distress?, How should a firearm be sored to be safe? , What%27s the 1st step in checking for an obstructed barrel of a gun? build your own quiz ,

Guage, When the hunter is climbing up or down a tree, It is a mechanical device that could fail., A fall-arrest system, fletching create online tests , 3 of any signal, Rimfire ammo has the primer contained in the rim of the casing, In a quiver with a cover, It produces knowledgable %26 responsible hunters., Hypothermia, In a locked location separate from the ammonuition, Point the muzzle in a safe direction, It is critical for a clean kill., Vital organs, Two-handed or ready carry, Heat, Action, Apply slow steady pressure until the gun fires., 2 to 4 quarts,