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NT: Lesson 4: Hardware %26 Operating System Maintenance

Live CD and Live USB, Optical Disk class web page , HDMI, BD-RE, CD-Recordabe (CD-R), Writable CD, TV tuner card, Bluetooth, High Definition Multimedia Interface, CD-ROM, Blackberry, Notebook PDA Cell Phone , CD-Rewritable (CD-RW), BD-R, Blu-ray Disk, Smartphone,

Blu-ray rewritable format, Optical storage device from which data can be read only, Used to transmit high definition digital video %26 high resolution, High Definition Multimedia Interface, Examples of %27on-the go%27 technology, Considered to be a smartphone and a PDA, Contains bootable computer operating system, A mobile phone that includes PC-like functionality, Component used to watch TV programms on computer monitor improve results , Device allows you to %27burn%27 you own data and audio. , You can write data to it multiple times, Stores data on reflective metal surface accessed by lasr, After data has been written, it cannot be modified, Wireless protocol used for short range radio signals, High definition optical disk storage medium, Blu-ray write once format,