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NT: Lesson 4: Hardware %26 Operating System Maintenance

Optical Disk , CD-ROM, Writable CD, TV tuner card, Blu-ray Disk, Bluetooth, Blackberry, High Definition Multimedia Interface, BD-RE, Notebook PDA Cell Phone , BD-R, Smartphone, CD-Rewritable (CD-RW), HDMI, Live CD and Live USB, CD-Recordabe (CD-R),

A mobile phone that includes PC-like functionality, Blu-ray rewritable format, Component used to watch TV programms on computer monitor, Device allows you to %27burn%27 you own data and audio. , Blu-ray write once format, Contains bootable computer operating system, High definition optical disk storage medium, Optical storage device from which data can be read only, Considered to be a smartphone and a PDA assess performance , Used to transmit high definition digital video %26 high resolution, You can write data to it multiple times, Stores data on reflective metal surface accessed by lasr, Wireless protocol used for short range radio signals, Examples of %27on-the go%27 technology, High Definition Multimedia Interface, After data has been written, it cannot be modified,