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IBF: Lesson 6: E-Mail Message Components

emoticon create online tests , Message Field, Attachment quiz generator , To (address) field crossword maker , Reply, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) field, Subject Field, Forward online quizzes , Attachment Field, Reply All, Spam Filter, Signature Field, Blackhole List, SPAM, Cc (Carbon Copy) Field,

Automatically inserts senders address and all other recipients, Published list of IP addresses known to be sources of spam, Characters that when read sideways convey emotion, A file that is send with an e-mail message, E-mail client program that identifies and filters spam, Contains the body of the message., Contains a brief description of the message content, Contains the e-mail address of additional e-mail recipients create online tests , Contains a few lines of text that appear at bottom of each message, Addresses here are not displayed in the e-mail message header, A small hand held computer used for personal info management, Automatically inserts the address of original sender generate answer keys , Sending Particularly Annoying Messages create online tests , A copy of someone else%27s mesaage - not a reply, Contains the e-mail address of the primary recipient, Indicates files are sent with the message improve results ,