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The Outsiders: ch 4-9

1. To whom do Johnny and Pony turn for help after Johnny killed Bob?
Cherry results history , Dally, Two Bit, Darry
2. Why did Johnny and Pony go to Jay’s Mountain?
to hide out in the back woods, to get across the state line, to hide out at the church there, to meet Two-Bit
3. Why was Pony upset about getting a haircut?
he was proud of his hair, it was his trademark as a soc improve results , he hated wearing hats, he already had a haircut the week before
4. What was Johnny’s favorite part of Gone With the Wind?
he liked the gallant southern gentlemen, he liked the battle scenes, he could identify with Scarlett’s attachment to the land, he liked when Rhett told Scarlett off
5. When Dally finally arrives at the church, what news does he bring?
the police are coming for them , Darry is dead, Cherry is a spy for the Greasers, there was a rumble
6. What did Johnny announce after his fifth barbecue sandwich?
he was stuffed full and had never had such delicious food, he wanted them to go back and turn themselves in, he was ready for part two of their plan, he was going to throw up
7. Describe Johnny’s relationship with his parents.
his parents were a close loving family, Johnny hated his parents but they loved him, his parents ignored him and beat him up, but he loved them, Johnny didn%27t care about his parents, but they loved him
8. What additional problem did the three brothers face after Pony’s return?
they might be separated into foster homes, they had been kicked out of their home, they had to go to a detention center, Darry lost his job and could no longer support them
9. Why did Randy want to talk to Pony?
he wanted to tell Pony to leave Cherry alone, he wanted to try to call off the rumble quiz generator , he wanted to gloat about Johnny’s death, he wanted to offer Pony a job
10. When Johnny’s mother came to visit him at the hospital, what was Johnny’s reaction?
he rejected her, he had to be physically restrained to keep from hitting her, he was overjoyed, he threw his tray of food at her
11. Why wouldn’t Cherry go visit Johnny?
she couldn’t make time to go see him, she was too busy web 2.0 , Johnny had killed Bob, she couldn’t stand to look at Johnny, she was afraid she’d try to kill him, she couldn’t stand hospitals
12. What did Pony say was the difference between Tim’s gang and his?
Pony’s gang was organized and had a leader, Tim’s gang was just buddies who stuck together, Tim’s gang was organized and had a leader, Tim’s gang was more desperate
13. What happened when Johnny, Pony and Dally returned to the church?
the preacher found them, they blew up the church, the police had surrounded the building and were waiting for them, the church had caught on fire
14. Who won the rumble?
Greasers, no one, Socs, the police
15. Where did Dally take Pony after the rumble?
to the hospital emergency room because he was hurt activity , to see Johnny in the hospital quiz generator , home, to the movies
16. What were Johnny’s last words to Ponyboy?
“Tell my mother I’m sorry.”, “Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.”, “Have a rumble for me.”, “Remember to look out for yourself, Ponyboy.”
17. Which of the following is the best definition for eluded?
begging, beseechingly, scornful, insolent matching excercise , escaped, avoided, to breathe into the lungs
18. Which of the following is the best definition for abruptly?
continual, without stopping, suddenly, a feeling, previous warning, to know ahead, essential, necessary to life
19. Which of the following is the best definition for exploits?
arguing, deciding, without direction, without purpose, amazed, stupefied, heroic acts, adventures