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Trial exercise

1. PART II. GRAMMAR. Choose the correct answer. ______________________________
, ,
2. Next summer we # to Cuba with my parents.
3. Mary __________to the cinema with her friends last Sunday.
4. Anna Hathaway - Shakespeare%27s wife - worked as a teacher in Stratford-upon-Avon.
5. William Shakespeare William Shakespeare is the most famous of all English writers. People say that there are two books you will always find in an English home, The Bible and the Works of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare was born in Stratford-on-Avon in 1564 and died there in 1616. His wife%27s name was Anne Hathaway. For some time Shakespeare worked as a teacher in Stratford-upon-Avon. In 1586 he went to London and became an actor. He worked at the Globe Theatre. He started to write plays and poems. The most well-known plays are %22Romeo and Juliet%22 and %22Hamlet, Prince of Denmark%22.
6. Shakespeare%27s plays %22Romeo and Juliet%22 and %22Hamlet, Prince of Denmark%22 are very popular.
7. My sister and I can ________very well.
, ,
8. Part I. READING. Read the text and answer the questions after the text. ___________________________________________________
do, does, is doing, will do,
9. Mike ________ his homework at the moment.
swim, to swim quiz generator , swimming elearning , swam,
10. Yesterday my friend # me a toy plane for my birthday.
some, any, a e-learning , an,
11. Yesterday my friend # me a toy plane for my birthday.
goes, went, will go, is going,
12. GRAMMAR: Choose the right variant.
, ,
13. English people usually have only two books at home.
gave, gives, give, was give,
14. Shakespeare was born in London in 1564.
will go, went, have gone,
15. Are there __________ cucumbers in the fridge?
gave, gives quiz generator , was give, give,