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NT: Lesson 4: Hardware %26 Operating System Maintenance

motherboard, MPEG-2 computer assisted language learning , Interface, resource conflict, LPT results history , Interrupt Request (IRQ), trace, heat, Disk Defragmenter, Direct Memory (DMA), cluster, SATA, PS/2 style connector, I/O address, planned maintenance, Legacy Adapter Board,

A processor that allows devices to directly access memory, Line printer port. PC parallel ports are referred to as numbered LTP, The six-pin mini-DIN connectors introduced with the IBM PS/2, The main circuit-board in a computer, Interface used to connect mass storage devices to motherboard, Thin conductive path on a circuit board, usually made of copper, Type of problem caused by accumulated dust, Current video compression standard, An older, non-plug-and-play adapter board, Hardware line where devices can send interrupt signals to proces, Location through which processor transfers data to a device, Any scheduled maintenance procedures, smallest storage allocation unit managed by operating system , Where 2 or more devices share a configuratuion setting printable , A communication channel between two components, Utility used to rearrange files into structures to improve system ,