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NT Lesson 4: Hardware %26 Operating System Maintenance

Crossword hints:
A program that allows you to control a computer at a remote location., A logical partition that contains the files necessary to boot an operating system. This partitiion is read first at boot time. If no ****** ********* exists or if the operting system fiiles are corrup, Topmost hard disk directory (folder)., A mobile phone that includes PC-like functionality., A more compact, Web-oriented version of the standard laptop PC; relies on cloud computing model in which the internet is used for remote access to Web applications, A file or directory attribute that determines access. This item incudes read, write and execute permissions, A standard for short range radio signals that is used to form personal area networks (PANs), A snapshot of a computer%27s settings at a particular point in time. Also known as a system checkpoint., A group of sectors used as the basic unit of data storage.,

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