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Y3 Chumash Questions Unit 3

The quesiotns are based on the pesukim hightlighted in green.

1. Where did Hashem appear to Avrohom?
Choron, Eloinei Mamrei, Eloine Marme, Sedom,
2. Who comes to visit Avrohom? (There is more than 1 answer)
On his camel, At the entrence of this tent, With Soroh, At the entrence of the shul,
3. What was the weather like when Avrohom was sitting at his tent?
Hot, Cold short answer questions , Rainy, Windy,
4. Who is speaking in Posuk Gimmel?
He saw them and then he saw them walking away, He saw them and then saw them getting nearer to him, He saw them and then he saw that they stopped, Bowed down,
5. Where was Avrohom sitting?
Hashem, Avrohom, ,
6. Avrohom sitting by his tent, HaShem visits him, 3 angels visit Avrohom
online activities , ,
undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined,
8. Arrange these statements in the correct order
Mechoel, Gavriel, Dovid, Rephoel,
9. In Posuk Gimmel it changes from plural to singular because...
Avrohom speaks to the three men and then focuses on one, Avrohom speaks to many people and then to Hashem english , ,