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Islamic Civilization - Matching

India, Tours, Baghdad, monotheism, Arabic, Five Pillars, Sunni, Qur%27an build your own quiz , Allah, Muhammad, Arabian Peninsula, Ali, Jerusalem, Mecca , Dome of the Rock, Shia%27a,

Prophet of Islam, origin of Arabic numerals, including zero, Arabic word for God school , holy text for Islam, Battle that stopped Muslims in Europe, most Muslims are part of this branch, holy site for Muslims in Jerusalem educational activities , believe Muslim leaders should descend from Muhammad, trait shared by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, location for Mecca and Medina, Islamic capital on the Tigris River print quizzes , his murder led to split in Islam: Shi%27a and Sunnis, language of Islamic civilization; facilitated trade improve results , holy city conquered by Muslims, holiest city for Muslims; on Arabian Peninsula, main beliefs of Islam, including prayer and pilgrimage,